Parenteral forms



We develop vials in both liquid solution and lyophilizate formats.


A specific production for bottling of aseptic solutions and final sterilizations in ampoules is available.


Lyophilisates products

​​​​​​We have great experience working with freeze-dried products.

Oral solid forms



Ofrecemos una amplia producción de dosificaciones en pastilla con recubrimientos de azúcar o película.


We have the capability to produce hard gelatin capsules.


We have the required equipment to produce granulated products to be dispensed in sachet form.

New dispensing forms

We have been working on new administration forms for a number of years with great success with the objective to improve the treatment of patients and add value to society.


Pharmaceutical Development

​​​​​​We have great experience in the development of innovative formulations and a large flexibility to adapt to our customer's needs.


Analytical Development

We rely on our extensive experience in the adaptation of methods of new formulations.


Our plant has very innovative equipment and machinery that allows the manufacturing of a wide range of formulations and product typologies. We can produce anything from large batches of hundreds of thousands of units, to small batches for clinical trials.

Quality Control

​​​​​​We perform strict quality controls integrally in our facilities.

Quality Assurance

We comply with EU GMP and ANVISA frameworks.


We have a large storage capacity in which we guarantee that every product is treated with the optimal conditions established.

Regulatory Assistance

​​​​​​We can also offer regulatory support to your project.


We adapt to our partner’s requirements. We can prepare the product ready for commercialization or in bulk. We follow the regulatory packaging for each type of administration.

Clinical Trials

PrasFarma is happy to have extensive experience in collaborating with both start-ups and big laboratories for the manufacturing of their lots for clinical trials.

Working with us involves the required facilities, a great team and the expertise, everything to make the manufacturing of your lots for clinical trials a great success.

We can adapt to the production volume needed in each project.