Storage, quality assurance and services area. 2.300m²

The lower plant in our facilities is dedicated to services and common areas. It is made up of meeting rooms, a storage section, a sampling zone, the quality assurance area and maintenance area, among others. ​​​​​Our warehouse is controlled by SAP.

Parenteral production area. 1.100m²

Parenteral and sterile formulation manufacturing area. ​​​​We have the capability for aseptic filling and lyophilized forms production.

Citotoxic production area. 1.000m²

Manufacturing area for the production of cytotoxic products in solid forms. We produce cytostatics in solid forms that are marketed worldwide.

HPAPI products manufacturing area. 600m²

​​​​​​Solid formulation of HPAPIs. We are developing and manufacturing innovative forms of administration.

Quality control and analytical development. 400m²

​​​​​​Analytical development laboratory. An exhaustive analysis is performed on all pharmaceutical forms in the plant, with no need of externalization.

Our production plant