PrasFarma has a service vocation and a high capacity of understanding and adapting to our customer’s needs. At the same time, we feel a huge commitment to contribute a value to society. That, combined with our talent, agility, integrity and experience, allows us to achieve the complete integration of projects both from the more professional aspect of our experience to the more human side of our team.


Contract Manufacturing

Count on PrasFarma to manufacture your products

​​​​​​We place at your disposal an all-inclusive offer of pharmaceutical services. We offer production, control, quality assurance and regulatory support services, so PrasFarma should be considered a solid option for the development of your projects.

Development (CDMO)

In PrasFarma we offer an experienced department in galenic development, that allows us to accompany you from the very start of your project. Do you have a certain idea in mind of the product you want to develop and produce? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Collaboration with academic and research centres

clinical trials

Clinical Trials


New pharmaceuticals creation

new forms

New forms of administration


In our company, we are open to participate in co-developments with our partners, searching for formulas that allow us to share the costs of product development and the benefits of commercialization.

Clinical Trials

Both small start-ups and big multinationals require a guaranteed optimal production of batches for clinical trials. In PrasFarma we have a wide experience in the production of this type of batches. We do not only have a highly-qualified team and the knowledge and the facilities required to take this type of projects forward, but we also have the flexibility to adapt to our partner’s needs.


​​​​​​We have developed a portfolio of own products to license to third parties. We are working on the expansion of this portfolio with both generic products and innovative HPAPI products. Our products are fundamentally focused on oncology and on pain management.

Our clients

“The difficulty of finding the resources and technology with high safety standards to achieve the production of HPAPI products was what led us to work with PrasFarma. The key of the success of the project was the closeness and the flexibility to produce in small-scale what we needed. This really helped us to speed up the project.”

Alex Desvalls
Business Development Director at KERN Pharma.

​​​​​​“Prasfama’s facilities were highly capable for the production that was required. Their capacity to adapt, together with a very important human factor, made the project a great success with high quality results.”


Mercedes Pozuelo
COO at Bioncotech Therapeutics.

“The main advantage of PrasFarma is the capacity to manufacture small batches, which was a very important factor for us. We also liked their capacity to integrate all processes and to provide support in the registration of our product. The fact that you can perform a complete project with them, from production to registration, was very important for us.”

Sergio Gil
Business & Development at PharmaCept